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Soft launch of Jeunesse Global products in India will be JULY/AUGUST 2017 instead of  April 2016 as was originally planned.

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In 2016 we will be launching Jeunesse Global anti-aging and beauty products in India.


We are actively looking for Business Partners to work with in India, as Distributors. 

We are looking for  – ambitious, motivated, business builders who want to look and feel good and who are committed to helping build our business in India. This is not a job but a solid ground floor business opportunity with low overheads with a chance to earn GLOBAL income working with a Billion Dollar Debt Free Company.

The Jeunesse Global product range includes: Instantly Ageless ™, Luminesce ™, AM & PM Essentials ™, Finiti ™, Reserve ™ and Zen Bodi ™, Nevo™ and the latest cosmetic product NV™ (Be the Envy). Not all products will be available in India at launch.  

Launch products are: Instantly Ageless,the full Luminesce skin care range and Reserve.

Please watch the video below “The Secret of Jeunesse” to find out more about the business and products.  15 minute video!

Click here for more product details


If you already have a Business that’s okay, as to start off with, you would be able to work it around your current commitments.

Here is the Compensation Plan in Hindi

Here is the Compensation Plan in English

Business Builders could be: Salon Owners, Nail Technicians, Beauticians, Makeup Artists, Photographers, Hairdressers, Stay at Home Mums or Dads or  Internet Network Marketers.

Click here to read an honest review by Healthdose India on Instantly Ageless

How to JOIN FREE see below or alternatively fill in the contact form and I’ll get in touch with you


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To join keep your basic details ready, like full name, date of birth, address with pin code, active email id , active mobile number, co applicant name (if any).

Also you will be asked to upload your Aadhard card, Cancelled Cheque, Photo and Pan Card (which is optional)

Step 1: Join by clicking here “Become a Member” on this page
Choose region – INDIA
Tick – I agree box
Fill in your information Main Site URL is your chosen name for your business or can be your own name. We are not allowed to use Jeunesse Global or any of the product names in the name as it’s against copyright rules. Fill in the name with no gaps!

Select – the Starter Kit 

Select – Complete Sign up

The starter kit is the back office to run your business and your own personal website – no products!

You have now joined Jeunesse Global and will get an email from our support desk and also a welcome email from me.

Step 2: Sit tight. Your position is locked in. You now have your Jeunesse website and are open for business in over 137 countries around the World. Who do you know overseas that you can sign up now?

Step 3: We start your training. You tell me how much money you want to make and I will show you how to do that. I have been doing this for a long time and I’m working directly with several TOP EARNERS in the industry worldwide. I can show you how to be very successful.

Step 4: We get you some product to try, so that you can believe in it and love it and showcase it to everyone. Right now we can not ship product into India (hence a pre-launch). But we will be able to do this July/August. As soon as this starts happening you will start making big commissions.

Step 6: We then become the most Professional team in all of Jeunesse by July/August – It all depends on how many people sign up, who my Leaders are and how keen you all are. I am here to provide you with the very best service and support.

Step 7: We will be holding meetings in locations in India from April – through to August ready for a BIG official launch meeting in Dehli which will be in September. Venue to be decided but it will be a HUGE event, so be sure to secure your place in Our Team to be able to attend. 

Here is a video showing you how to Join Jeunesse Global in India 

– there is no other Direct Selling Company that is only 7 years old, that got to $1 Billion in annual sales in ONLY 6 years 
– that is already in 133 countries and expanding into other countries, as fast 
– that is ground floor in India 
– that has stem cell technology 

NO OTHER COMPANY COMES CLOSE TO JEUNESSE GLOBAL. This is an opportunity not to be missed in India!

We are looking for people to JOIN our team from ALL 29 states and 7 Union Territories of India, if you need more information email me at :

Jan 🙂 
Sapphire and Founder Member at Jeunesse Global



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