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A chance to Become A Member of Jeunesse Global and Buy products at Wholesale prices when we launch in India April/May 2017.  You can buy Jeunesse Global products for yourself for personal use – or if you are a Salon Owner (Beautician, Nail Technician, Hairdresser, Tanning Salon) or a Photographer or a Make up Artist you can retail from your premises.


Two of the first products to launch in India will be Instantly Ageless and Luminesce, watch the videos below to check out the results.

Individual results may vary. Jeunesse Global does not endorse personal testimonies.

Below are the product fact sheets on Instantly Ageless and Luminesce Rejuvenation Serum just click the links

Luminesce Rejuvenation Serum


Click here to watch more videos on the products and the company, we are also launching soon in Europe a Cosmetic range called NV. NV has a Primer, Bronzer and BB Perfecting Mist Foundation giving a photo finish . This was just launched this week in USA and Canada, more markets will follow including India.  Click here for more information on NV.

Below is a video giving you instructions on how to join Jeunesse Global as a Wholesale Customer which is the same sign up as joining to become a Distributor. If you are interested at a later date to become a Distributor and team build there is the opportunity to do that.


Step 1.Go to this this link  – or click here
Step 2.Click the BECOME A MEMBER button
Step 3.Choose region – INDIA
Step 4. Tick – I agree box
Step 5. Fill in your information Main Site URL is your chosen name for your business or can be your own name. We are not allowed to use Jeunesse Global or any of the product names in the name as it’s against copyright rules. Fill in the name with no gaps!
Step 6. Select – the Starter Kit 
Step 7. Select – Complete Sign up

The Starter Kit is your retail website and a backoffice to manage your business – no products. You will get a retail website like this – click here

Wholesale is a good option for individuals for personal use as well as: Beauticians, Nail Technicians, Hairdressers, Tanning Salon Owners, Photographers, Make up Artists in fact anyone who has a Salon.

If you already buy and import products from Dubai you can get products NOW to start promoting before our launch, as one of our Distribution Centres is in Dubai and we already ship into India that way.

If interested I will provide you with the process on how to get your products from Dubal to your India address as this is a manual fix.


For further details on becoming a Wholesale Customer – email me:

Jan – Founder Member of Jeunesse Global  🙂 

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